Promote Health and Alleviate Pain & Suffering

What Is Acupuncture?

Dr. Yang Su and Dr. Crystal Su of Grande Prairie Acupuncture & Acupressure Clinic have years of experience with acupuncture, one of the essential components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This proven, effective treatment involves the insertion of thin needles at specific points, which are mostly found along muscle or nerve pathways.

Used in China for 5000 Years

Acupuncture therapy as performed by Dr. Yang Su is intended to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering. While this traditional health care therapy may seem strange to many, it has been time tested over thousands of years and continues to be validated today. TCM is a comprehensive system that is used to diagnose and treat illness, help prevent disease and improve well-being. Read some quick facts about acupuncture and TCM.

How It Works

Grande Prairie Acupuncture & Acupressure Clinic believes that acupuncture points stimulate the central nervous system to release chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain. Once released, the chemicals can either change your experience of pain or release other chemicals, like hormones, that influence your body’s self-regulation systems. These biochemical changes may stimulate your body’s natural healing ability and promote physical and emotional well being.

The 3 primary mechanisms of acupuncture are:

1. Conduction of electromagnetic signals: Acupuncture points function as strategic conductors of electromagnetic signals. When these points are stimulated by skilled practitioners like Dr. Yang Su and Dr. Crystal Su, an electromagnetic flow of pain-killing biochemicals, such as endorphins and immune system cells, is sent to specific sites in the body that are injured or vulnerable to disease.

2. Activation of opioid systems: Several types of opioids may be released into the central nervous system during acupuncture, resulting in the alleviation and reduction of pain.

3. Changes in brain chemistry, sensation, and involuntary body functions: Studies have shown that acupuncture may alter your brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones. Dr. Yang Su and Dr. Crystal Su note that acupuncture can positively affect parts of the central nervous system related to sensation and involuntary body functions, such as the processes that regulate your blood pressure, blood flow and body temperature.

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